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Fall 2018

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Classes & Workshops at Hooper Studios, the Saint John Yoga Coop & Lifestyles

Sept. 9, Sunday, Finding the Beauty Within with Wendy Langille and Maureen Robichaud.

at Hooper Studios. Healing with flowers, essential oils and Yoga for eternal youth. Contact: Maureen 852-7522

Sept 12th, Energy Wellness: Creating new normal in the prime of your life! Wednesday am 10 to 12,   $35. with Eva Gold EEM-AP from Toronto  

To be held at Lifestyles in Hampton  Mid-life physical and physiological changes can throw us off and create emotional chaos. Our stability and resilience shifts in unpredictable patterns. Creating new normal with new energy routines to enjoy life is one if most rewarding projects. Say YES! to project YOU! Come to a class where you will be given tips and techniques to keep your changing body in better balance hormonally, emotionally, energetically and physically.

Sept 13th,  Energy Wellness: The art of auric protection & skills for calming stress Thursday am, 9:30 to 11:30 with Eva Gold, EEM-AP from Toronto, $35.

at the Saint John Yoga Coop  Wisdom adapted from Ancient Masters who protected their wisdom and Modern Masters who revealed it. Join our workshop based on Energy Medicine ideas from Donna Eden and experience radiant YOU under challenges of stress, climate and age. Relax and allow positive changes to take place.

Sept. 29, Saturday, 9:30 to 4:30, Creating small clay sculptue  with Kathy Hooper  $85.

at Hooper Studios. “In this workshop we will be both carving and hand building small sculptures. I will be putting together clay into simple shapes and allowing the pieces to harden to leather hard, then you will use carving tools to get the figure or whatever you choose to do in the way of a sculpture. By the other method you will start with a soft clay and build up the idea you have of a sculpture. Both are fun to do and depending on time you may get one of each done! When the pieces are finished they will dry and then I will fire them in my kiln.” Classes will be limited to six people.

Oct. 5 – Nov 23,  Stress Reduction Class with Sue Hooper  EEM-CP, Friday am, 8 wks, 10 to 11   $85.

to be held at Lifestyles, Hampton. Learn how to calm the Stress Response./Fight-Flight-Freeze..and increase joy in your life.  Sue will lead you through simple exercises to support new ways to increase your vitality and joy, to enhance your health and your state of mind. You will learn to trace your Radiant Circuit meridians, (energy pathways of joy) Participants will check in to see where they are at the beginning of the 8 weeks and will be supported  and encouraged to do some simple self care exercises at home, forming new positive habits. Students will learn Donna Eden’s 10 minute daily energy routine which assists us in keeping our energies unblocked and flowing.  Dress as for yoga and bring a mat, pillow & blanket.

October 27th, Saturday, 1:30 to 4, Energy Wellness Workshop, Learn to self test! with Sue Hooper   $35.

at the Saint John Yoga Coop.  Sue offers a workshop based on the work of Donna Eden, Eden Energy Medicine, renowned pioneer in the field. This workshop is designed for people who have some working practise with the DER (The daily energy routine) Participants will have fun learning  ways to energy check themselves to see if they are in need of a particular corrective excercise.  Energy wellness with simple, effective excercises is a preventative care model, self empowering…  benefiting mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  Dress as for yoga.

November 17th, Sunday, 1:30 to 4, Learn to draw a face with Sue Hooper  $35

at Hooper Studios. This workshop is designed for those who would love to learn to draw but feel fearful to start. Based on the teachings of Betty Edwards, Drawing on the right side of the brain we will start off with some fun right brain exercises that teach us about learning to “really see”.  Participants will explore the basic “map” of the human face. Using graphite pencil students are introduced to line, value, form, expression and composition.  Includes materials

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