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Fall 2019

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2019 Classes & Workshops at Hooper Studios & Lifestyles

Energy Balancer Class Oct. 1 – Nov 26, Tues eve, 9 wks  6:30 to 7:30, with Sue Hooper $95.

to be held at Lifestyles Wellness Center, Hampton. This evening Energy Wellness class will focus on ways to increase vitality, relieve stress and balance our energies. We will weave the Daily Energy Routine into the class and learn to trace our energy pathways, the meridians. This class is suitable for teens and adults of all fitness levels. Everyone can learn these techniques. Dress as for yoga and bring a mat, pillow & blanket.

A little extra info on our Energy Pathways! Meridians affect every organ and physiological system in the body: the immune, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, sketetal, muscular and lymphatic systems. Each system is fed by at least one meridian. Because your meridians, like your hands, carry electromagnetic and more subtle energies, you can influence their flow by tracing them. Tracing your meridians is one of the simplest and most effective ways you can keep the “energy highways” open, remove stagnant energy and bring in a fresh energy supply thereby keeping you healthier and feeling good. 


Tile workshop, acrylics on wood, October 19th, Saturday, 9:30 to 4.30 with Kathy Hooper.   Cost $90.

Hooper Studios   The tiles we will make in this workshop will be cut out of 1/4” masonite which will have a coat of gesso applied to it as a ground. Then students will create their designs and will paint them with acrylic paints. They can then have a coat of varnish so that they can be cleaned etc. Kathy has used them on a small table or perhaps around a mirror or just as a piece of art work to hang on a wall !  The two sizes available will be 3”x 3” (9 tiles) or 5”x5” (4 tiles). Bring your lunch.  Tea & cookies provided. Limited to eight people. Materials included


Drawing from still life, October 20th, Sunday, 1:30 to 4:30,  with Sue Hooper  $45

 to be held at Hooper Studios, Hampton. Using different graphite pencils,  students will experiment with their “marks”;  line, value, shading & form and texture.  Based on the teachings of Betty Edwards, Drawing on the right side of the brain we will start off with some fun right brain exercises that teach us about learning to “really see”.  Looking at composition and laying a “ground ”we will then move into drawing a simple still life, having fun working from dark to light. Includes materials


Watercolor Workshop,  Saturday, October 26,  10-3 with Melanie Craig-Hansford $80.

to be held at Hooper Studios. To register please email Melanie Craig-Hansford directly or call 506- 639-1244


Animal Communication Workshop,  Saturday, October 26, 9-5  with Marilyn Chapman. $175.

at Kathy’s house, Hooper Studios.  To find out more or register please email Marilyn directly: or call 506- 721-2427


Energy Wellness, Chakras, Aura & Grounding, Saturday, Nov. 2, 1:30 to 4:30,  with Sue Hooper   $45.

at the Saint John Yoga Coop. Sue offers a workshop based on the work of Donna Eden, The Eden Method,  renowned pioneer in the field. This workshop is designed for people who have some working practise with the DER (The daily energy routine) Working on ourselves or with an energy buddy, we will learn how we can help balance our Chakras, support our aura so we have our emotional spacesuit in healthy balance and deepen our work with grounding.  Energy wellness with simple, effective excercises is a preventative care model, self empowering…  benefiting mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  Dress as for yoga. To preregister call 650-3333  Limited space


Mosaics for the fun of it, November 9th & 10th, Sat. & Sun., 9:30 to 4.30, with Kathy Hooper.   $170.

at Hooper Studios.   Bring all kinds of bits and pieces you may have in drawers and boxes, things you have collected and never done anything with and I will provide the wooden backgrounds to attach them to and all the glues and grouts you will need. I also have lots of mosaic and small tiles if you don’t bring enough for your idea or want to use them. So the first morning will be designing your mosaics and arranging them on the boards and when you are happy with them, glueing them down, this will take the rest of the day and the glue needs to set and harden overnight. The next day will be cleaning them up and grouting them which is very important and can take time with again a clean up afterwards.  Bring your lunch and I will provide tea coffee and drinks and cookies!!


Energy Wellness, Ways to Calm Stress, Nov. 23rd, Saturday, 9:30 to 12 with Sue Hooper $35.

to be held at Hooper Studios, Hampton.  Sue offers a workshop in Energy Wellness, based on the work of Donna Eden, renowned pioneer in the field. Participants will learn safe, gentle self-help exercises to enhance health through an energy wellness routine that promotes self-healing & well-being. Learn also how to help calm stress and support your immune system. These simple and effective tools have been found to greatly benefit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  Dress as for yoga and bring a mat, pillow & blanket.


Energy Wellness, Grounding & intro to self testing, November 23, Saturday, 1:30 to 4:00 with Sue Hooper $35.

to be held at Hooper Studios, Hampton.  This workshop is for those familiar with the ~DER, the Daily energy routine.  Learn different ways to ground & calm stress thus supporting your immune system. These simple and effective tools have been found to greatly benefit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We will pair up with an energy buddy and learn the Basics of energy checking.  Dress as for yoga and bring a mat, pillow & blanket.

Registrations for the fall sessions are underway! Call 650-3333

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