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2024  Art & Energy Wellness Workshops & Classes

Learn simple self empowering exercises that can really help calm stress, boost your vitality & joy    Sue Hooper is an Energy Wellness Practitioner and Teacher. Sue is also an artist, a teacher of art and co/runs Art at Hooper Studios in Hampton.

Friday am, May 3 – May 31st, 9:30- 10:30.  5 weeks, $75. Energy Wellness, Being in nature

We will meet each week in Hampton at Dutch Point Park entrance & head out “to the trees & trails. Over the course of this series, Sue will introduce you to techniques to calm stress, connect with nature, boost your immune system & support renewed vitality & joy;  Sue will share ways she has found to find connection, support & peace, all in the beautiful outdoors.  (Partially based on the works of Donna Eden) We will have fun! Call Sue to preregister 650-3333

Energy Wellness Workshops

Call to preregister 506 650-3333

June 15th, Saturday, 10 to 12:30 Calm & Restore. Sue offers a fun, relaxing morning studio workshop, set amidst Kathy’s lovely gardens. Participants will learn safe, gentle self-help exercises to enhance health through an energy- wellness routine that promotes well being,  calms stress,  strengthens the immune system and boosts vitality and joy. These simple and effective tools have been found to greatly benefit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  We will be in and out weather dependent. $50.

Ways to Boost Joy, June 29th, Saturday, 10 to 12:30
Join Sue for a fun, uplifting class weaving art & energy wellness “playing with color”! Through hands-on practice, participants learn: Exercises to protect, support, and balance their energies, Simple techniques to calm the Stress Response and an energy-wellness routine that promotes self-healing & well-being. Students will learn how to trace selected energy pathways that activate the “Radiant Circuits” bringing more joy and positive energies into your life.  Dress as for yoga. $50.

Energy gives life to our bodies. Working with our own energies is preventative care…it is safe, natural and accessible to all.
Partially based on the work of Donna Eden, renowned pioneer in the field.

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