Sue Hooper

Artists statement: Sue Hooper

My first memory of being creative was one of my brother Rafe and I at 3 and 4 years old, playing plasticine in the sun on our  front stone steps in South Africa.  Around the same time another memory of standing transfixed in the nasturtiums in our warm garden with a chameleon on my outstretched hand, smelling the sweet and musky scents of nature.

I strive for a deep peace and trust in life.  Nature, and my daily walk beside the Kennebecasis River, are vitally important to me, connecting me with the beauty of the wildlife, the cliffs, the water and the trees.

My work is exploring the connections in life; the spiritual and material worlds, humans as part of nature, intimately supported by the natural world. Inner and outer worlds are constantly informing and confirming. I find an experience in nature inspiring me and I begin a piece. They are like meditations for me, often layers of paintings moving through emotions to come to the place I’m taken to.

Landscapes, rivers, skies intersect with people, trees, buildings… creating life above and below. The moments that intersect vertically with the horizons…the intersecting point being the power and the peace which informs us of the spiritual and physical connections.

There is no separation from me as a person and me as an artist. Life is art and art life.

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