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These works come out of a trip to South Africa with my mother, Kathy. I was born in Africa and left when I was 4 1/2 so this was my first trip back in 50 years.

We walked on vast dunes, explored beaches with extraordinary rock formations and we saw vast expanses of land leading to ranges of mountains folding in on each other in blues, pinks and mauves. The sun has risen on this landscape for thousands, millions of years with the mountains over time turning eventually into incredible pyramids of ruble. In the desert we stood under skies immensely dark and full of stars. It made me feel very insignificant but equally significant, because I felt a part of  it. It was a time of reflection in a place of great quietness and peace.

I feel my early years in Africa were affected by the political situation. My parents were very involved in the anti-apartheid movement. It was highly stressful times; their friends going to jail, illegal meetings and the fear for everyone of the injustices under which people lived. Part of my reason to go to Africa was to transform an underlying fear and sadness; to go back to my birthplace and find hope and peace. I did find both.

I am still adding to this series, works exploring love, fear, transformation, the inner and outer worlds and the spaces between.[/one_third_last]


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