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Classes & Workshops


Art at Hooper Studios encompasses working studios, art school and Gallery and is located in the Kennebecasis Valley in Hampton, New Brunswick. From April to December, Hooper Studios offers classes and workshops in visual arts and crafts, for adults, teens and children. Children’s programs are designed to provide young people, ages 5 through 14, with an opportunity for creative exploration and experience in a non-competitive, friendly atmosphere. The school offers intensive studio-based workshops in a variety of fine art and craft media including clay, paint, metals, paper, printmaking, woodworking and more. Programs range from evening classes, one day workshops to one-week sessions and anyone may participate, from beginners to advanced professionals.

Hooper Studios is located in a stunning natural setting and provides a community of support for focused creative energy and work. We are surrounded by forty acres of beautiful woodlands, fields and gardens and just below us the amazingly beautiful Kennebecasis river winds through islands and marshland, a paradise of birds and wildlife.

Workshops and classes take place in a large, sunny studio with good working areas, a small library of art books, and homemade cookies and tea to enjoy. The emphasis of all the instruction is on the process rather then the finished product, and students learn to explore the important connections between art and nature.

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Our Gallery


 exhibitions from 2014

First a word or two about our Gallery and our hopes and expectations for it for the coming year. The gallery is the space in which my husband John Hooper, and Sue’s father carved his sculptures. He designed the building and with much help from family and friends built it. It is a lovely space with good natural lighting and windows that overlook the beautiful valley of the Kennebecasis river. After John’s death in 2006 it remained empty and a rather sad space for the next few years and then in 2009 after some renovations we opened it as a gallery.
Our idea was, and still is, that we would show the work of artists of the area of which there are so many and we have had some wonderful exhibitions. Paintings, sculpture, mixed media, pottery and clay sculptures, fabric art, photography and handmade books, we have had great support from the community of Hampton and other parts of New Brunswick for which we are very grateful.

Throughout the 2014 season we are delighted to show and sell, pottery by Helen Stanley and jewellery by Joe and Gudi Pach. Great shopping every Saturday for special, unique gifts.

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Everyday Magnificence

 everyday magnificence

I am offering a raffle on the diptych,       “Sue is off to study year two in her Certification program in Donna Eden energy medicine in Phoenix, Arizona this year. In pursuit of financing for this endeavor two paintings, acrylic on canvas, 36”w by 14”h.

Valued at $550. Raffle tickets are $10.each or 3 tickets for $20.  If you would like to purchase a ticket please call or write me. Some friends and family also have tickets for sale. The draw will be Earth Day, April 22. If you would like to be present for the draw, please RSVP and join us between 3 and 5 for an English tea and scones at the home of Kathy Hooper in Hampton.

love flowers. pink-orange.slove soft river.s

Week Three of the Love series of paintings, 2015 by Sue Hooper

Sue is off to study and plans to paint two to six small paintings a week to fundraiser and “spread the love”! These are the year long LOVE series.  The paintings are all square and will range in size from 6” by 6” to 8” by 8”. They will vary in price from $75. to $100. They will be paintings of everything I love….colour, animals, flowers, birds, the moon, the sun, the earth, landscapes, the riverscapes, people, places, things and non things, shapes, line, texture, light and dark……

These two paintings of January 19th week. The  Love soft river painting is 6” by 6” and the  Love flowers pink and orange  is 8” by 8”. The medium on both is acrylic and pastel on canvas. To find out more or to purchase please contact Sue at .. 506 650-3333.

Sue update….

           Sue has been studying Donna Eden energy medicine in Toronto in 2014 and this year she travels to Arizona for year 2.

A little background…

           For a long time now, other than art, another big interest and practice of mine has been energy wellness. Over 20 years ago I started practicing Taoist Tai Chi, and since then I have been interested in the benefits of different forms of energy work.  All of this experience and my spiritual journey deeply informs my art.

About four years ago a close friend of mine introduced me to Donna Eden   Energy Medicine. With daily practice I have found it to be so simple yet so helpful for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. It is a   practice even small children can learn and I would love to teach them.

I am underway with  learning and completing the Eden Energy Medicine   Certification Program n order to bring it back to the community. If you would like to find out more about this please write or call me or visit Donna’s website at

The images of the works will be on Facebook. as well

Thank-you very much for your support,


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